New Investment Opportunity – APIMUTUAL

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Time To Move On 

We are leaving 2007. Swisscash, it seems, is not coming back. Many of us lost money in Swisscash. On our part, we have reported them to the relavant Authorities. Now, its out of our hands. Let the Authorities deal with them.

We have learnt our lesson. Never invest in one basket. DIVERSIFY. Invest what we are comfortable with. I am looking forward to 2008.

I have started investment in API Mutual. The returns are not as high but its still attractive. No point hoping for Swisscash. We have to move on.

With just USD$100, you can start a network and earn monthly returns.

Please visit my new blog at or visit the Company website at

Use my user ID : Johan1 (as referrer) to open a new account with API.

What have you got to loose. Re-Coup your losses in Swisscash. See You There.


Johan Miswari (aka Dark Knight)

31 Dec 07


No More Updates

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Regret to inform you that there will be no updates on this blog anymore. I have setup a website at Please visit the new website for information on Swisscash. Thank you.


19th Nov 07